Our vision

We are a school with a warm, nurturing atmosphere where ambitious expectations and high standards are set for all. We will empower our pupils to succeed on life’s journey by developing a life-long love of learning where confident and resilient children become active citizens who look after the planet. We are inclusive, we celebrate individuals and we promote respect of ourselves, others and our locality. We value the wellbeing of our staff and pupils by promoting good physical and mental health.

At Stonesfield School we subscribe to the principles outlined in the Oxfordshire County Curriculum Statement:

In partnership with parents and pupils, and through a values-based ethos, we seek to offer the best possible quality of education by:

  • Providing a happy, safe and caring environment
  • Valuing children as individuals
  • Fostering self- esteem and respect for others, with the intention that children grow up free from fear and prejudice
  • Promoting the citizenship skills necessary for playing a positive role in both the global and local community
  • Helping children to develop positive and co-operative relationships with other children and adults
  • Providing opportunities for children to develop fully their individual potential and achieve high standards in their work through a broad, balanced and interesting curriculum
  • Enabling children to be inspired by learning and to use their talents and skills independently and creatively
  • Extending this learning, experience and enthusiasm through opportunities for extra-curricular activities
  • Equipping children with the skills needed in order to meet the demands of our fast-changing world
  • Enthusing and supporting our teachers and teaching assistants in their constant endeavour to inspire children to learn and achieve to the highest level.