The Stonesfield Way

Stonesfield Primary School sets high academic standards for all our pupils: supporting and challenging everyone to achieve their best. Our ambitious curriculum teaches our pupils to succeed on life’s journey by developing confident and resilient children who become knowledgeable, active citizens caring for our planet. We are kind and inclusive, we celebrate individuals and we promote respect of ourselves, others and our locality. We value the wellbeing of our staff and pupils by promoting good physical and mental health and fostering a warm, nurturing, safe environment.


Our Curriculum Intent – What is our curriculum aspiring to achieve?

Our curriculum aims to deliver on the school’s vision set out in The Stonesfield Way. In addition our school motto [Learning together to achieve our best] sums up our ethos, aims and expectations. In partnership with parents and pupils, we aim to offer our children the best possible start in life and the best possible quality of education.


British Values at Stonesfield School