If you wish to talk to us about SEND support and your child at Stonesfield Primary School, please contact our SENCO, Mrs Davids at senco@stonesfield.oxon.sch.uk.

Stonesfield Primary School is an inclusive school: we will

  • ensure that all members of the school community treat each other with a positive and caring attitude
  • make very effort to include all pupils in school life in its entirety
  • value the individuality of each person and encourage a growth mindset and high aspirations for all children
  • encourage children to be resilient in the face of challenge and persistent in reaching their goals
  • acknowledge our responsibility to ensure all of our children succeed.

We adhere to the Equalities Act (2010) which is directed by the Code of Practice.

Further information can be found here, or please do ask the Senco if you have further questions.

Stonesfield SEND Information Report 2024

Stonesfield SEND Policy March 2024

Oxfordshire SEND Local Offer