SEND at Stonesfield School

Many children at some stage in their time at school need help with a particular area of their learning. At Stonesfield Primary School the progress of children is assessed continuously and where there are concerns about a child’s progress and development these will always be discussed with parents. Similarly, parents are
Encouraged to talk to the class teacher about any concerns they might have about their child’s progress.
Stonesfield Primary School believes that high quality teaching which is appropriately differentiated is essential for all pupils to achieve. If, despite this the school or parent have concerns that a child is finding certain aspect of learning hard then the school operates a graduated response to their needs. This acknowledges that some children will benefit from specific support from school or external agencies and as such will be categorised as requiring SEN Support.
In line with the SEN Code of Practice 2014, a child or young person is considered to have a learning difficulty or disability if they:

  • ‘have a significant greater difficulty in learning than the majority of others
    of the same age;
  • or,have a disability which prevents or hinders them from making use of
    educational facilities of a kind generally provided for others of the same

For children and young people with the most complex needs the Local
Authority may consider an application for an Education, Health and Care Plan
(EHC) assessment. The EHC plans will address the broader health and social
care needs of the child or young person rather than their educational needs only.
Children with existing ‘Statements’ will transfer to the new system.

The school’s Special Educational Needs policy is available from the school office and a copy is included in further information below:


SEND Report & Further Information