Parents and families are a child’s first teachers. They are crucial in determining educational achievement.

Education is essentially a partnership between school and home and so an interactive, supportive relationship is crucial. Our teachers are always willing to learn more about individual children from their parents, and to discuss ways in which parents can help and encourage their child in all aspects of their education.

Many parents work voluntarily in the school on a regular basis and/or respond generously to specific requests for help if they cannot make a regular commitment. Any help with activities such as reading, cooking, maths games and preparing resources is very much appreciated. If you would like to become involved we would be delighted. We also welcome any parents who want to come and spend some time in school to find out what goes on!

Parents’ Evenings

Formal parents’ evenings are held each term to discuss your child’s progress. The End of Year reports are sent out prior to the summer term meeting. Teachers can often be seen at the end of the school day for a short time. The Headteacher can be seen before and after school.

FoSS (Friends of Stonesfield School)

FoSS is a focal point for parental involvement in the school and is open to all parents. It has an elected parent Chair, secretary, and treasurer and includes the head teacher as president and a representative from the board of governors. It is a friendly group that works hard for the benefit of the children and also creates another link between school and home.

But you don’t have to be a committee member to be involved! Just let us know how you would like to help: support and new ideas are always well received.

Links with the Community

As the school is central to village life, the links with the community are an important two-way process. Members of the community with specialist skills or experience are encouraged to come into school and share their knowledge with the children. Regular contact with the community is maintained through entries in the ‘Stonesfield Slate’. We have strong links with the Marlborough Secondary School and engage in joint projects and ventures with them. We are a member of the Woodstock Partnership of Schools, which means that all the schools work together and share ideas.