Stonesfield Primary School continues taking ‘Footsteps’ to aid children’s safety on the road.

We have a healthy Footsteps road safety training programme at Stonesfield Primary School.  Footsteps is Oxfordshire County Council’s child pedestrian training scheme and has been taught at Stonesfield School for the past 14 years. We introduce the children at Foundation stage, showing them looking and listening skills.  In Year One, children cover areas on fast and slow, stopping, looking, listening and finding safe places to cross, introducing them to knowledge about pedestrian crossings.  In Year Two, children cover areas similar to Year One, plus planning to cross, crossing, vehicle lights, parked cars, using pedestrian crossings and familiarity with some road signs.  Each child keeps a record of their progress on their own certificate which they complete with a sticker following each training session they receive.

Jane O’Gorman, Footsteps Tutor, liaises with our OCC Footsteps Coordinator, who advises of any Footsteps updates and information resources available for use at school.  For example, for the past 3 years we have held an assembly for EYFS and KS1 children, talking about pedestrian crossings and demonstrating how to use them safely.  We have taken part in the Walk to School Week in May, when we encourage children to walk, cycle or scoot to school safely, thus cutting down on the amount of vehicles coming to school.

This is Jane’s 7th year as a Footsteps Tutor at our school and since 1998, over 500 children have received Footsteps training within the school.

At Stonesfield Primary School we offer cycling proficiency training to our Year 6 pupils.

The scheme is organised by Oxfordshire County Council who monitor the training that our volunteer instructors deliver to pupils. Our instructors are Mrs Searle and Mr Anderson. Please note that all our instructors are CRB checked.

More details of this academic year training will follow soon, if you are interested in joining us as a cycle instructor please contact Mrs Searle or Mr Anderson who will be pleased to offer further information.