Intent: What is our Mathematics curriculum aspiring to achieve?

At Stonesfield Primary School, Maths is a creative, fun and engaging subject, with strong connections to our day-to-day lives. Our Maths curriculum develops children to be fluent mathematicians, able to solve mathematical problems, and able to reason confidently using mathematical language.

A mathematician needs to be:

  • Analytical – able to spot similarities and differences
  • Critical – able to identify problems and mistakes
  • A problem solver – resilient enough to approach a problem from different angles
  • Inquisitive – want to know why, and how things work
  • Precise – able to understand precisely what is, what is not, and what is a grey area
  • Efficient – able to select and use appropriate strategies to solve problems quickly

We teach Maths for Mastery with high expectations for all children. This means that we are teaching children to have a deep conceptual understanding rather than teaching so that children can get a correct answer. Being able to explain how an answer is calculated, why that answer is correct, and what might happen if a particular variable was changed are the hallmarks of a good mathematician.

We believe that all children are able to succeed mathematically, and that one of our primary tasks as maths teachers is to find ways of presenting, scaffolding, and teaching concepts in such a way that everyone will achieve.

Long-term overviews

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