During the last two or three generations, great changes have taken place in our society. The pace of change seems to be ever increasing. This has implications for the school’s curriculum: a different kind of world requires a different kind of education.

In the Foundation Stage, our philosophy is very much directed towards play. The six strands of learning are taught and developed in children through a variety of exciting and imaginative activities. Some of these activities may be teacher focussed, others child initiated. Either way, the children believe they are playing all day! With a dedicated foundation stage class, a large outside play area and an annual admission level of around 20 children, we know that we can provide the best opportunity for your child as they start school.

As the children move into Key stage 1 and 2, the National Curriculum comes into place identifying five ‘core’ subjects that form a major part of the school’s teaching programme. These are English, Maths, Science, Religious Education and Information and Communications Technology. In addition, there are the ‘foundation’ subjects of History, Geography, Art, Music, Design & Technology, and Physical Education. These are generally taught as distinct subjects but wherever possible, links are made between the subjects so that children can begin to see that their various aspects of education interrelate.

At Stonesfield School we follow the National Curriculum, but seek to educate more broadly and beyond its limits wherever possible.  We teach English, maths and RE discretely, but all other subjects are integrated as part of a theme e.g. Africa, Pirates and Chocolate.  We also offer Personal, Social & Health Education, the ‘International Dimension’ and opportunities for extra drama and sporting activities.

Careful long-term and medium-term planning by the staff ensures that there is an appropriate allocation of time allotted to each subject area, and that there is continuity and progression in the children’s learning as they move through the school. These subject plans are available for perusal on request at the school office.

The professional expertise of the staff at Stonesfield Primary School is constantly developed by reflection on experience within the school, through sharing ideas with teachers from other schools, and through in-service training.

For the teachers in the school, as for their pupils, education is a continuous and life-long learning process.