From the time they start school, pupils are introduced to the key range of applications that computers can offer to their wider learning as listed in the National Curriculum for Computing.

These include design, finding things out, word-processing, data handling and control.

Our Computing aims include:

  • For pupils to become familiar with and skilled in using Computing.
  • Pupils learning and individual needs, including pupils with special needs, to be supported by ICT.
  • To ensure that ICT is integrated into the curriculum and underpins teaching and learning, assessment, reporting and recording within the school.
  • To provide access to a range of equipment to support pupils and staff, this includes interactive whiteboards, visualisers, laptops, digital cameras, video equipment, data logging and control devices.
  • To create a challenging and stimulating environment using technology.

Children are taught the importance of E-safety and responsible use of the Internet in line with our Agreed User Policy (AUP)

ICT Gallery

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Pop Art


Pivot Animation