Our Curriculum Intent – What is our curriculum aspiring to achieve?

Our curriculum delivers on the school’s overarching vision set out in The Stonesfield Way. The pupil form of the vision is Learning together to achieve our best, this sums up our ethos, aims and expectations. In partnership with parents and pupils, we aim to offer our children the best possible start in life and the best possible quality of education.


Our Curriculum Implementation – What do we do to deliver our intent?

High standards in teaching and learning:

  • Reflective staff with excellent subject knowledge who evaluate their teaching and the curriculum regularly against evidence-informed practices and are open to feedback and change;
  • Applying The Science of Learning (cognitive science): cognitive load, retrieval, interleaving, instruction, deliberate practice;
  • High levels of challenge for all pupils
  • Strong focus on vocabulary and high standards of oracy;
  • Stimulating classroom environments which provide support and encourage independence.

High standards in Maths are produced by:

  • Following a Mastery approach with high expectation for all pupils (keep up not catch up);
  • High quality daily Maths lessons which ensure pupils are competent in fluency, problem solving and reasoning;
  • Daily retrieval practice, regular Fast Facts sessions and dynamic teacher interventions informed by feedback.

High standards in English are produced by:

  • Access to and discussion of vocabulary rich, high quality texts for all pupils;
  • Daily Phonics lessons in Early Years and KS1 ensure there is a strong emphasis on decoding and skills of early reading;
  • Explicit teaching of reading skills (VIPERS) through whole class reading in KS1 and KS2;
  • Well planned extended units of English with a clear purpose and audience for writing.

High standards in the wider curriculum are produced by:

  • A well planned, progressive, curriculum with an eye to global issues while keeping local issues at it’s heart.
  • A strong focus on vocabulary and retention of learning through strategies that promote retrieval.
  • A strong focus on physical and mental health which creates healthy, resilient, positive pupils.
  • A warm nurturing atmosphere with a strong focus on relationships, trust and communication which creates kind, respectful pupils.


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