The purpose of homework is to either prepare for work to come, complete work started in class or to practise skills taught in the classroom to consolidate learning.  The amount given will depend on the year group.

All children are encouraged to read daily at home and for the youngest children this is the main expectation of homework. As they progress through school they will also be given spelling activities (which may be words to learn or games to play), and times tables to practise.

In addition, children may also have a piece of maths, English or topic work to complete each week.

Homework activities may be set on the websites Freckle and Purplemash. Children will be given individual log ins for these.

The timescale for completion of homework will be clearly set but will vary according to the task. Class teachers will set out the expectations for their year group at the beginning of each year.

Homework should be properly planned and organised so that:

  • Tasks set are clearly realistic within the timescale.
  • High expectations are set for the completion of tasks.
  • Tasks are related to the work children are doing in school and offer appropriate  challenge.
  • Children are given feedback on their homework.