End of year message from governors

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Wednesday 21st July 2021

Dear parents,

It has been another strange and difficult year! Every aspect of school life has been affected, from home-schooling to end of year celebrations. When this generation of children look back on their primary school years they will have a very different set of memories. However, they have proved that they can bounce back and it is really heart-warming to see how they have been so keen to get back to school and to catch up on the ground which was inevitably lost during the lockdowns.

Parents too have been amazing in how they have adapted to carrying on with new working practices and coping with education from home. It was really reassuring to see so many positive comments in the feedback of the recent parent survey.

School staff have been unsung heroes, carrying on working during the pandemic and developing new ways of learning. And, on top of everything, during this period they have overhauled the teaching of maths and English to the commendation of Oxfordshire County Council. The results of these developments can be seen in the high standards of the children going on to secondary school this year. It is a real achievement that they have done so well and are now ready to move on.

Our avowed aim is that Stonesfield strives to be a welcoming and inclusive school which is dedicated to ensuring that each and every child reaches their potential. Thanks to everyone for helping us achieve this.

Have a great summer and stay safe.


Stonesfield governors.