Curriculum Maps: Autumn 2022

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We have a rich and engaging term of learning ahead for all children across the school.

Oak Term 1&2

Throughout the Autumn term we will be focusing on school routines, ways of working and playing together and creating a happy class. Activities will focus on learning about ourselves; our feelings, family, friends and interests and the people who help and support us intertwined with Traditional stories and Nursery Rhymes. We’ve listed here an outline of the learning we will be covering in each subject area during this term, this may change as the term goes on as we like to follow children’s interests and ideas.  Alongside all of our directed learning there will be opportunities for children to develop their own interests and apply their learning through play. If you have any questions or would like to chat about anything, please feel free to arrange to see us after school.

Willow Term 1&2

As historians we will be looking at how life was different in London in 1666 and comparing it to London today, using a range of sources (photos, paintings, drawings and objects). We will focus on the Great Fire of London, learning how it started and spread across London. During this work, the children will develop their understanding of chronology by ordering the events of the fire. We will also look at how the fire changed London and early firefighting methods and tools.

Chestnuts Term 1&2

As global citizens we will consider how we remember those who have gone before us and how we protect precious things. We will learn about what makes man uniquely creative and what it is we need in order to survive and thrive.

Rowan – Term 1

As global citizens we will be thinking about respect and kindness. We will appreciate difference and diversity in the UK and the wider world and consider and debate our past and present relationships with the Caribbean. We will study the Empire Windrush and Caribbean migration. The key subject drivers for this topic are History and Geography.

For more information on these amazing themes, have a look at our curriculum maps:

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